>Rained on but not reined in.

>Happy new year! Yes, it’s 2008, and with the first workweek (well, three workdays, anyway) of the year has come the first donderstorm of ’08, as well. Our building’s a bit vulnerable to the elements, so we all came in today prepared to pack up our desks and electronics in preparation for this weekend’s Operation Moldy Carpet Replacement. (Or, as Jean-Paul, who is coordinating much of this effort, is calling it, “OPERATION ENDURING-CONCRETE.”) But since the rain started in earnest last night, this morning we walked into a bit of a … situation.

This alien environment is the Green Room–at least for this photo, aptly named. I have no idea how it was made to look like an aquarium. Oh, yeah…FLOODWATERS.

This is the view of the front hall from the Green Room door.

This is Emily mopping up the water left over from the first round of mopping.

And this is Paul looking like Paddington Bear, taking direction from our fearless leader Debbie.

I’m gonna go now, before I get electrocuted. But see what I risk for you, breaders?

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2 Responses to >Rained on but not reined in.

  1. Derek Smith says:

    >this is an incredible post! the pictures are incredible.i’m so sad that i couldn’t make it out (traffic was terrible all day cause of the storm)miss you all!

  2. Dana says:

    >Can’t say I’m sorry I missed that! I was safe, but slightly lonely on the top floor of 2080 Addison. But the pix make me miss you spunky folks! I love Paddington Bear!Big hugs to you all! Dana

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