>What did the Papa Tomato say the the Baby Tomato, when Baby was falling behind?

>Dumb old joke, I know.* But I wanted to do a little bit of catching up in the midst of all the Publications Managin’ I’ve been doing**, what with the Gala web page and the Gala program and the summer camps brochure all gestating away…

And speaking of gestating, our old friend Joe Stillwater came by yesterday with his lovely new daughter, Mena, and beautiful baby mama, Laura. Joe used to work at the Cal Shakes box office here in Berkeley, up at the theater in Orinda and, eventually, doing audio-visual stuff for 2006’s production of Merchant of Venice. I also happen to know Joe from outside of Cal Shakes–via friends in common, I’ve known him ever since I moved to Oakland in 2001. Nice guy. Good photographer. Excellent dancer.

Anyway, yesterday Joe dropped by a new, high-quality cut of our video tour of the Bruns. If you haven’t watched it, you definitely should–our Artistic Director’s disembodied head is a real treat. Joe also brought by his new baby, as mentioned above, and that brought work to a standstill in the Bullpen for a good ten minutes or so… I’d have taken pictures to put up here, but I was too busy going “coo-coo…coo-coo!” I’m not sure why Marilyn didn’t take video–maybe she, too, was caught up in the whirlwind of cute? I’m sure she’d never admit it, though.

And in other gestatory news, our favorite sweet young thangs, the Cal Shakes Intern corps., have their own blog now! Please take a moment to check out what they’re doing with all that pesky youthful exuberance.

* The punchline is “Ketchup!” Totally sucks, I know. Sorry.
**Oh, yeah–I got a promotion at the end of lat year… I’m now Publications Manager. But I still coordinate, too. How can one not?

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One Response to >What did the Papa Tomato say the the Baby Tomato, when Baby was falling behind?

  1. MLangbehn says:

    >You’re right, there was a serious case of the cutes in the ‘Pen yesterday – and I don’t mean the baby! Completely destroyed my “tough old broad” image.

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