>Did you see the Bruns cat?

>Did you see this little guy? The stray cat suddenly, mysteriously appeared at our amphitheater two weeks before Twelfth Night (and our season) ended, clearly lost but clean and definitely cared for. The actors, house and box office staff, and backstage crew fed the little fella and grew to love him, and he definitely became one of the family, even wandering onstage during one of the actor Q&A sessions that follow student matinees.

House and box office staffer Carol Marshall (who took the picture above) took the cat home and cleaned him up. (Though he’d shown up in good order, the Bruns is a dirty place to live.) After a few days, Carol took the cat to the Berkeley animal shelter for adoption and, lo and behold, the shelter discovered that the cat’s owner had implanted a microchip in the kitty that allowed them to identify him, and locate his owner.

No one is quite certain how the cat got to the Bruns, but he’s home now, giving the tale a Dickensian twist–the little lost orphan cat was actually a feline of station.

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  1. marshlady says:

    >I want to also point out that two of our wonderful Calshakes volunteers, Jackie and Alan, were the ones who physically took him to the shelter. Their offer to do that was a key component to this success. The no kill shelters locally weren’t accepting cats due to overload but since they are volunteers at the shelter they were able to get him in (you know like in Casablanca.. “I want the letters of transit”)Also another neat thing…kitties name is Tobias…but called..yes TOBEY. So true 12th night kitty.I am going to meet owner and see Tobey soon. So I will send follow up photos!

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